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REVIVE Red Light, near infrared and vibration training for enhanced performance and well-being.

REVIVE offers a revitalizing experience with Red Light, Near Infrared and Vibra Shape vibration training.

Experience the next level of workout and recovery. Warm up, work out, REVIVE.

The effects and benefits of different light spectra

REVIVE uses different light spectra to develop its benefits simultaneously in tissue, fascia and muscles. The application can increase performance performance, prevent muscular fatigue and accelerate regeneration.

Improved recovery and regeneration

Relaxation and regeneration of the muscles and improved metabolic activity with faster breakdown of lactate.

Enhance performance for effective training

Better blood circulation and more energy through increased ATP production in the mitochondria.

Increased ATP production in the mitochondria

The deep-acting light activates the mitochondria to produce more ATP: the fuel for the muscles.

Full Body Toning and radiant glow

The vibration training tones the body and the red light gives the skin a fresh, radiant complexion.


The REVIVE PRO IR Standup is the first of its kind to offer red light, near infrared LED technology and vibration training for stimulating the entire body.

The REVIVE PRO IR Standup offers a dynamic combination for performance enhancement and recovery and features a combination of synergistic technologies from Red Light, Near Infrared and Vibra Shape to create the perfect environment for those seeking health and wellness benefits in only ten minutes. Its efficient session time, coupled with the energizing benefits of Red Light, makes REVIVE the perfect choice for pre-activity preparation or active recovery after a workout.


Vibration training with Vibra Shape

The side-alternating movements of the patented vibration plate are particularly gentle on the joints and reach all muscles from the legs right up to the abdomen and back. The improved blood flow and microcirculation intensify the results of the light application.

Reach your individual goals with the different Vibra Shape vibration programs.

This program is ideal for relaxation and will ease the tension in your muscles after your workout.

This effective interval training strengthens muscles and is excellent for sports and exercise enthusiasts.

10 minutes that make a difference

Learn more about REVIVE Red Light Technology

REVIVE Red Light Technology combines specific spetra of Red Light and Near Infrared to the entire body for recovery, regeneration and enhanced performance for effective training.

The light application is safe and suitable for all skin types. However, pregnant women, epileptics and people who suffer from increased sensitivity to light or who are taking medication that causes increased sensitivity to light (e.g. antibiotics or St John’s wort) should refrain from using it. In the case of acute or chronic skin diseases, we recommend consulting your doctor in advance. When using for the first time and in the case of low blood pressure, a low dose is recommended to test tolerance.

The treatment should last between 10-12 minutes on average. The best results are obtained from a full 12 minute session.

Most users report a noticeable effect after the first few applications. For the best results, regular use over a longer period of time should always take place after training.

Due to the bright light, it is advisable to keep your eyes closed during the treatment. Additional protective goggles can make the treatment even more comfortable.

Supplementing the light application with Vibra Shape vibration training is a holistic approach for the whole body. The high-quality training device has been used several times in studies by the European Space Agency and is now used primarily in physiotherapy. The patented technology simulates the human gait, which makes Vibra Shape a 100% physiological training method in contrast to other training devices. The side-alternating movements train all muscles from the legs right up to the abdomen and back. The head can be kept still. Vibra Shape vibration training should not be carried out after recent operations and wounds, in the case of heart/hip and bone problems, pregnancy, bone implants, acute thrombosis, gallstones and kidney stones as well as acute illnesses and inflammation. Please consult your doctor if you have severe diabetes, severe migraines, tumours or HKS diseases and in cases of doubt.


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Empfohlene Anwendungszeit

10 – 12 Minuten

Wirksame Lichtspektren

620 nm + 660 nm + 850 nm


32 Rotlicht Lampen (Peak bei 620 nm)
300 Rotlicht High Performance LEDs (660 nm)
300 Nahinfrarot High Performance LEDs (850 nm)


Vibra Shape-Training
Seitenalternierend und gelenkschonend
20.000 Schritte in 10 Minuten
4 Trainings-Programme wählbar


3D-Sound mit Bluetooth®
Surround Cooling Plus Aroma Duft
Smart Control Glasbedienung

(L x B x H in cm)

Geschlossen: 110 x 109 x 227
Geöffnet: 110 x 135 x 227
Erforderliches Raummaß: 210 x 240 x 232


Ca. 202 kg

Max. Gesamtleistung bei
Netzanschluss 400/415 V 3N

7.400 Watt

Absicherung (träge)

3 x 16 A

Artikel-Nr. und Preis

Artikel-Nr.: 100003974 Preis: 33.495,- € (zzgl. MwSt.)

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Recommended Application Time

10 – 12 Minutes

Effective Light Spectra

620 nm + 660 nm + 850 nm

Light Technology

32 Red Light Lamps (Peak at 620 nm) 300 Red Light High Performance LEDs (660 nm) 300 Near Infrared High Performance LEDs (850 nm)

Vibration Training

Vibra Shape-Training
Side-alternating and Gentle on the Joints
20.000 steps in 10 Minutes
4 Trainings Programs


3D-Sound with Bluetooth®
Surround Cooling Plus
Aroma Scent
Smart Control Operation


LED Mood Light
LED Interior Light

(L x W x H in cm)

Closed: 110 x 109 x 227
Open: 110 x 135 x 227
Minimum Room Size: 210 x 240 x 232


App. 202 kg

Max. Power Consumption with Mains connection 400 / 415 V 3N 400/415 V 3N

7,400 Watt

Fuse (delayed)

3 x 16 A